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First and foremost, always make sure to have clean hands when stitching. Oils from your skin transfer easily to cross stitch fabric and over time create stains that are not easy to remove. The best way to avoid this is to avoid the problem in the first place. Train your family not to touch your projects unless they have freshly cleaned hands. Better yet, tell them to keep off the fabric and floss!
Material Type: Aida Generic White
Sewing Count: 14/inch or 55/100mm
Design Size: 74 x 56 stitches
Sewn Design Size: 5.3 x 4 inches or 134 x 102 mm
Suggested Material Size: 11.2 x 9.9 inches or 284 x 252 mm
Stitch Style: Cross-stitch Using 2 strands

Zodiac Signs
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74 x 56 stitches 1 colors
There are lots of different styles of embroidery hoops and frames available. Whether you use one or not is up to you. Beginning stitchers may find it easier to put their fabric in an embroidery hoop.

To use a hoop, first loosen the screw and separate the two rounds. Place the round without the screw flat on a table or work surface. Lay the fabric over the hoop making sure the center of the fabric is in the center of the hoop. Place the other round over the fabric and press it down so the fabric is sandwiched between the two hoops. Gently pull the fabric taut as you tighten the screw on the hoop. Don’t pull the fabric too tight or it will distort the weave of the fabric.