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Remember, cross-stitch is considered counted embroidery.
So count count count count again and double check your counting. It really helps minimize mistakes.
Gridding save you a lot of time (and your sanity too). Cross stitch is meant to be relaxing. Make your hobby hugely beneficial for your mental and physical health.
Material Type: Aida Generic White
Sewing Count: 14/inch or 55/100mm
Design Size: 156 x 115 stitches
Sewn Design Size: 11.1 x 8.2 inches or 283 x 209 mm
Suggested Material Size: 17 x 14.1 inches or 433 x 359 mm
Stitch Style: Cross-stitch Using 2 strands

Scientific Discussion
DMC Threads
Cross Stitch Calculator
156 x 115 stitches 27 colors
Embroidery hoops and frames help to the fabric in right position and to keeping stitching tension even. If it is possible, choose a hoop that will be bigger than your design, this way you will be able to complete the x-stitch project without repositioning the frame over stitched work.
Don't forget to remove your embroidery hoop in between stitching sessions so that your aida fabric does not stretch.