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Blue Whale|2158

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Don't leave the project in the hoop overnight. When you're done cross-stitching for the day don't forget to take it out of the hoop. Your embroidery project needs rest to!
And another important thing. No matter which direction your top leg of stitch is going, but please be sure that they are all going in the same direction.
Material Type: Aida Generic White
Sewing Count: 14/inch or 55/100mm
Design Size: 92 x 72 stitches
Sewn Design Size: 6.6 x 5.1 inches or 167 x 131 mm
Suggested Material Size: 12.5 x 11 inches or 317 x 281 mm
Stitch Style: Cross-stitch Using 2 strands

Blue Whale
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92 x 72 stitches 15 colors

Preserving the direction of your stitches is very importent. Once you choose it don't change, stick with it unless your project specifically calls for it. It helps you to avoid your project looking haphazard and sloppy.