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Most designs supposed to be done using two strands of embroidery floss. But the floss is usually sold in six strand packaging.
So before threading your needle, you should separate all the 6 strands.
To do it just cut somewhat about 15”-18” (35 - 45 cm) of the thread. Hold it near the top with one hand allowing the bottom to untwist. Now pull each ply upward with the other hand. Carefully - one at a time.
Combine the necessary number of strands (typically two) and save the remaining for the next usage.
Material Type: Aida Generic White
Sewing Count: 14/inch or 55/100mm
Design Size: 115 x 77 stitches
Sewn Design Size: 8.2 x 5.5 inches or 209 x 140 mm
Suggested Material Size: 14.1 x 11.4 inches or 359 x 290 mm
Stitch Style: Cross-stitch Using 2 strands

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115 x 77 stitches 25 colors

To begin, work a narrow hem or overlock stitch around your fabric to prevent fraying of the edges. Fold the fabric in half, then half again, finger press lightly. Run a basting stitch along each fold line to mark the center of the fabric. (These will be removed when stitching is finished.)